Monday, December 29, 2008

Gypsy Queen of Paris

Ever since I can remember I have been in love with vintage romance. I have always altered my clothes in one way or another much to my mothers dismay. Even at a young age I loved old movies, hollywood, glam, romantic movies. As a teen I loved Out of Africa and the beautiful romantic clothing featured. In my early 20's I began reading Victoria magazine. I was in heaven....I poured over and dreamed thru each page. My love for antique lace and roses are the inspiration for my new website to open February. Gorgeous pillows, bags, Rag Bands, clothing and so much more will be all hand made using vintage brocade, linen , lace, rhinestones and ribbons. Though it's been done by a few, everyone has their own style that is unique. I intend to pour out my creative soul into each piece to bring you beautiful , romantic , vintage inspired elegance with one of a kind style for a one of a kind you...... Everyone deserves to look beautiful and feel like a Gypsy Queen of Paris!


  1. Hello Kimberly,

    Thanks for stopping by my year in review. I can't wait to see your new venture. What fun!

    All the best,

  2. Kim, I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I think you are one of thee Most Creative woman I know...I love your new venue and can't wait to see more..wish I lived in Florida and could go to your upcoming event..but good luck with that and all that you do...You really are an inspiration..(oh, I've said that before Take care Teresa

  3. Wow!..I am trying to catch my breath! Size 14 misses? I dressed like this in 70' Stevie Nicks...I am probably too old and fat where would I go Dr.s office?..I found out I may have Lupus..have not heard from Stew..xxoo Denise

  4. Kim,
    Your new blog is absolutely beautiful (as is everything you do)! I love the concept of a Parisian Marie turned gypsy; those bags and headbands are gorgeous.
    I, too, wish I lived closer...I would definitely be at your show. Anyway, good luck and blessings on your latest project!
    Sandra B

  5. Kim ~~ Oh girl !! I am so excited for you with your new website ~ you are so extremely talented in everything that you touch ~
    Congratulations on some more beautiful treasures ~

  6. Your just blowing me away with all these beautiful things..


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