Friday, January 22, 2010

A FriendsGiveaway & New creations!

I'm so exited!

My friend Janet ( Shabbyfufu) is having her 200th blog post giveaway! I was hopeful last time to win her Ashwell design book, but , lost, so now I have another chance! Hop on over to say hi and enter to win yourself. Janet has some amazing now creations, these little chrlotte doll heads on old roses shakers! ever would have thought of that, they are so adorable.... I have also added photos of two new creations, they are so beautiful , I'm happy with the turnout:) Love and hugs to you all !! I'll be back as time permits were finally getting new wood floors!! Yipee.... I painted the concrete till we could afford them, I'm ready for wood believe me:) Bye!!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Keeping warm? Hope so !

As you know I love whites, but sometimes we need a little warmth, not that I go crazy with color :) Everyone knows I'm afraid of bright colors, who decided to take a beautiful orange , eat it then make a paint color out of it? I think orange should stay up in the sun, sky and on the orange peel lol Sorry to offend orange lovers, it just isnt right! Well, I know everyone has their own taste, Orange may make you happy when you wake up in the morning, I'm happy for you...really, should I mention the "red" apple color, ok I wont get started lol I meant this post to be about my new items , but I'm confused now! So here they are, pretty stuff to look was fun making it hope you enjoy the pics. Keep warm and snuggle up with your pets, hugs, Kimberly

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love Whites!

Goodness I should join White Wednesday with all the whites I have been doing. Nothing like crisp soft cotton with a touch of wrinkle, add some lace and voila! I love white vintage trims, lace, cotton, gauze, linen, I think they are my most favorite. Here are a few beautiful tops and accessories I have been working on. I just added them to my Ebay shop , seems I get more exposure there lately. Hope you all are keeping warm, here in Florida, Jax we hit 26 during the night ! Woweee, I hope it snows, that would be amazing....I have really enjoyed stoking up the fireplace, the cats love it too, they love the warmth and are mesmerized by the flames. I have to get a photo of that :) Hugs and love to you all xoxo Kimberly