Saturday, May 30, 2009

ThankYou & WINNER IS!!!

First let me say how appreciative I am of all of you who took the time to stop by my new blog! Also for the annual COTTAGE CHARM Giveaway for bring so much traffic to my blog!!Most of the time I am very insecure about anything new I make, I make what I love.......not everyone will like it but I believe if you do what you love they will come.....My painting will always be in me, but creating with lace and old textiles is something so exiting , so many new designs in my head. I'm happy and content in my little walk in closet turned into my sewing room. Old antique lace has a power over me, vintage millinery roses make my heart flutter. The time that went into making some of the hand made laces is just so unthinkable! I crochet and did make a few afghans for my daughter but the detail in old lace is breathtaking, the patience these women had was remarkable. I want to use every bit of their hard work in each piece I make, no snips of lace go unused around here! I just want to thank you all for all your encouraging comments, It keeps me going, everyone needs encouragement and I have had quite a share this past month. Thanks to Stacy's Shabby Shoppe for starting all of this for me! She is so sweet !! SOOOOOO now for the big WINNER of the MARIE Cuff!!!!!!! Number Generator picked a talented gal herself CASSANDRA from MY ARTFUL ADVENTURES blog!!!!!! So Cassandra I need your wrist size and address! Congrats! But , you know I wish everyone could win! I feel bad just picking one person!! SOOOO I decided to give ALL of you a 10.00 off Certificate to PARIS RAGS.COM !!! Just Enter (paris) in customer code box at checkout!! Hope you will enjoy this thank you from moi!! Check back often for more beautiful items! Plus my new Model Devin, you haven't seen nothin yet!! Thanks Ladies & Gentlemen!! Hugs, Kimberly

Thursday, May 28, 2009

After hiding out in my sewing room a while I came out with some pretty lovely items! It helps I just received a package of lace and old vintage appliques in the mail I purchased from Denise really came through with some beautiful pieces to work with. She finds amazing items. The first item is a pink silk choker, tons of the most delicate lace,old applique beaded and my hand made organza petals with hand made pink silk rosettes and vintage stamen in pearl. This choker gorgeous! Another favorite is an Amazing blue Silk Cuff called Marie in Bleu. Again tons of my best dainty french lace and appliques with tattered lace edging...............

Now for the black! It's so hard to photograph, hope you can see the lovely details of the lace and appliques on this silk cuff. So decadent.........

Next is my new bag called Midnight in Versailles with beautiful old lace and pretty vintage appliques over black silk. These items will be posted next week on the website. Hopefully you will see my new Model Devin wearing them! I cant wait! Till later hugs, Kimberly

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Browser Difficulties

Hi Everyone! Just an update regarding which browser you use to view my new website , if by chance you are using the new Google Chrome, Safari or FireFox, chances are you cant click on the photo menu (That photo is how I feel about the situation) :(. You can however surf the website with explorer or other browsers with no problem. My website guy, ( hubby) is working on the time consuming problem to get it running for every browser. In the mean time just pop up your explorer to view. Sorry for the inconvenience!! Hugs, Kimberly!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New items added!

While we wait till the 30Th to announce our winner for the Marie cuff , I've posted a few new items including one of the new Plus size tops "Vintage Butterfly" in our new plus size section called "Fit for a Queen" :) I have been working on more pretty plus tops and skirts with matching lace accessories. I'll get them up this week. I just added one of my Original hats using some of my most coveted shabby beautiful millinery roses and lace. Beautiful summer romance Chapeau! I made the prettiest antique lace cuff with pale blue silk, can't wait to add that this week too! The best news to date, A new Model I have hired to model much of the collection! Devin is super beautiful cant wait to start photographing her in my designs. I met her at a restaurant one night, she greeted us at the door and my husband just looked at me like he knew what I was thinking! I approached her and the rest is history. I'm really exited about it! Be sure to leave your request to be added to the Marie giveaway in that post so I wont miss your name! Thanks so much for every ones interest in my new little website, hope it does well, all these clothes are piling up! Help! I'll have to take pics of my bedroom wall all lined up with clothes ! Have a nice long weekend! Kimberly:)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Were OPEN! MARIE Cuff Giveaway!!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of! May 30Th we will announce the Winner for my beautiful over the top lacy Marie Cuff! Isn't she lovely:) Made with Vintage pink Brocade fabric , old beautiful lace and hand beading. Were so exited to have the website finally up, I stayed up till around 3 am adding finishing touches. A few of our categories are not up yet like the Paris Souvenir shop which will feature French items that are very unique and beautiful. Then we have our Plus size clothing that will be up soon. It's the worst to find beautiful things you would want to wear and only finding out they all are too small! I vow to make sure Everyone can look and feel like a Romantic Queen of Paris! Hope you enjoy your visit to the website please let me know how you like it or any suggestions on how to improve. Thanks so much for all your support and all who have posted the Giveaway Banner I will be emailing you your Gift Certificate! Merci !! Kimberly

Monday, May 4, 2009

JOIN US MAY 15 th ! Giveaway

May15Th we will begin our Giveaway sign up for Paris I will be Giving away a beautiful custom cuff with Marie Antoinette! Photos will be posted of the beautiful cuff May15Th so please tell your friends and stop by, all you have to do is leave a comment! I will also be giving away a 10.00 gift certificate to Paris For everyone who adds the Giveaway banner to their blog ! This is so exiting! Hope to see you here:) Kimberly

Friday, May 1, 2009


Well finally the first page is up, you can take a peek at the enter page, were working hard to get everything up! Here are a few more beauties added today. Well be having a givaway for the grand opening so I will be visiting you all to extend an invitation! Thanks so much for all your kind emails and thoughts of my new venture. I truly hope it becomes a beautiful place to visit and afordable romance for everyone! Hugs, Kimberly Here is the link! ParisRags