Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rag Rose Necklace Giveaway!!!!

Prairie Ruffle Skirt ( all colors Available)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mount Dora Extravaganza Weekend!

Such a great turnout this past weekend at the Renningers Extravaganza! I met new friends and spent time with my family who all came to help. My sister Julie and my neice Sarah came from Rhode Island to brave the heat and join our Gypsy camp for a whirlwind weekend! My Uncle and parents came to help out as well. Its just like the circus days all over again! We will be getting ready for the January show next, then West Palm beach!   So much work goes into our little traveling show,, it gets a little bigger each year, which means a little more work . My hubby does so much to make it beautiful creating the best clothing rack ever and a gorgeous desk made out of our old antique piano. I do enjoy the shows , its so nice to see customers actually trying on my clothing ! The gypsy life really can be so much fun, but I really enjoyed getting home to my cushy bed :) xoxo

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Beautiful Month.....

What a beautiful month June was, lots of creative inspiration, lots of new friends made because of Paris Rags.... here are some beautiful pieces i'll share today. Looks like July will be even better, were off today for a 18 hour tour headed to my hometown of Rhode Island to visit my Sister Julie , aunts Betsy , Joyce , neices, nephews WOW I cant wait..... Be back soon my friends!!! Hugs and Love, Kimberly

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Simple beauty.....

Its amazing, sometimes I spend hours on pieces of clothing sometimes days on just one piece. Seems though the simplest pieces I design are loved more. Simple beauty, this top below is one of my most favorites I made with my own two hands, scraps of the most  delicate laces all hand sewn with tiny lace covered buttons, no lace went to waste, tattered, worn as it may be it has to be the most romantic piece ever. After I bathed it in a light tea stain it seemed to come to life. I think I may stick to the Simple for a while. I love simple, I hope you enjoyed the phots, love, Kimberly

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Picture Parade

Hello Dear friends, long lost friends! Been so long since I have posted, I thik Facebook has been consuming my time, mostly networking time though. Here are a few pretty pics you might like to browse through. We certainly are busy working on our new line of clothing. Soon we will be offering my designs wholsale, very exited! Stop by and say hi, I knw your all still out there you faithful bloggers !  Love always, Kimberly

Monday, February 28, 2011

New Beginings

Dear Friends! So much time has passed since posting my wares and whereabouts :) I'm still here. The new year has brought many challenges and some thrilling news which I will share. First of all I will leave out the negative challenges, why burden you sweet readers who are taking time out of your life to read of others challenges in life , right? I'm happy to say the good in my life overcame the bad. Everything seems to work out, though a friendship ended, another began. A beautiful beginning with the sister of my dreams. A long lost sister has found a place in our hearts. Creative,funny, sweet, beautiful, my older sister . Soon on March 25Th myself along with her Mother, Brother and a host of family will greet her for the first time. I'm not only happy for Julie, myself, but more so Our Mother, who carried pain in her heart for 45 years..... Oh what a day this will be!
It's been so hard to concentrate on anything else. But, I have been trying each day to carry on business . Emails from sweet ladies wanting this or that, its been wonderful shipping to Spain, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Sweden Amazing! We have also decided to take Paris commercial, more clothing hand picked by me personally from all over the world, beautiful romantic styles all on one website! I'm very thrilled, this will leave me more time to work on my one of a kind creations and to make the most stunning pieces ever. With my husband by my side taking care of the website details and taking care of me:) I know it will thrive. When you love what you do how can it not? I'm off to bed, as another day will bring another blessing. Here are a few photos of some new pieces and some sold this past month, thanks for your time, it means so much to me :)