Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Simple beauty.....

Its amazing, sometimes I spend hours on pieces of clothing sometimes days on just one piece. Seems though the simplest pieces I design are loved more. Simple beauty, this top below is one of my most favorites I made with my own two hands, scraps of the most  delicate laces all hand sewn with tiny lace covered buttons, no lace went to waste, tattered, worn as it may be it has to be the most romantic piece ever. After I bathed it in a light tea stain it seemed to come to life. I think I may stick to the Simple for a while. I love simple, I hope you enjoyed the phots, love, Kimberly


  1. so lovely and romantic as allways. love the clothes you made soooo much. the pictures make me feel like i want them all! warm wishes and a creative and "simple" evening. warm wishes! di

  2. Just divine! I love the old & tattered laces.

  3. So very pretty and romantic! Love them!

  4. Hi,

    I'm following you on Facebook, and I just want to say that your items are gorgeous AND romantic!

    Warm wishes and Happy Holidays!


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