Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Beautiful Month.....

What a beautiful month June was, lots of creative inspiration, lots of new friends made because of Paris Rags.... here are some beautiful pieces i'll share today. Looks like July will be even better, were off today for a 18 hour tour headed to my hometown of Rhode Island to visit my Sister Julie , aunts Betsy , Joyce , neices, nephews WOW I cant wait..... Be back soon my friends!!! Hugs and Love, Kimberly


  1. Everything looks so beautiful KIm..... my oh my the handbag is incredible.... I LOVE IT!!! It that on your website?

  2. Do have a really nice time... and keep bringing new creations into being!! I love your things so much, even if I don't suit them all, but the desire to wear these things all the time grows and grows!
    Caroline, NZ

  3. j'adore ces vêtements, tellement romantique et féminin.
    belle journée

  4. Your treasures are so beautiful they actually make my heart ache......but in a good way.......! What a lovely blog. I look forward to following.



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