Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hand Dyed Winter

Greetings friends! Its been ages since my last post, lots going on so I took a breather to keep you up to date on my new collections. I've been trying to catch up with my sewing and family responsibilities, not easy these days as you all know. I cleaned my little sewing studio , dyed lots of lace in some beautiful colors as you see in photos. Dusty lavenders, Champagne toast, tea stains....oh and color of the moment in fashion, my redition of Grey, Dusty that color.....I'm taking a much needed break this Saturday and heading to mount Dora Extraviganza, not to vend but to shop! Meeting up with my sweet friend Cassandra from My Artful Adventures, The Duchess and Karen of Karenhillman Photography....should be so much fun. My mail goal FIND LACE! I'm so in need of laces.... Around here at little antique shops they want like 8.00 for a vintage doily, wow, if I bought them at that price i'd be putting like 80.00 into each piece I create! So hope to find some nice deals. Do you Facebook? We have a PAris Rags Fan page, its so exiting, were over 230 now! CLICK HERE to become a fan and see all my new creations each day I post. I will be back soon with mount dora pics. Hugs to you all xoxo Kimberly
My Beauty Queen modeling new hat!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Just a few lovely favorite items I featured this month, some hand made some are my fabulous finds. I get so exited when I find romantic clothing, seems it sells so fast so I guess I'm doing something right! The belts continue to shine I thank all the ladies who order them, each one is truly a work of art. This month of November I'm renting a bigger space at my favorite antique shop in the historic district of jacksonville. I'm exited to decorate it tomorrow! I will be sure to post some pics, should be fun:) Sweet week to all you fabulous talented ladies Luv, Kim

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello dear friends:) Just a little post to say hi! Were working on lots of stuff for our first show in November. Here is a chair I'm dreaming about, I want a pair! Aren't they gorgeous.... I guess all of you have seen the new cover of our Fifi's new book! You can order it now..... Cant wait to sit on my bed under the covers and read it :) Below it is a beautiful linen jacket with lots of gorgeous detail, I dyed it a beautiful dusty plum color, then dyed some beautiful finds in dusty peach's and lilacs. Lots of work going on, so will post more pics soon, hope your all having a beautiful romantic Autumn season xoxo Kim

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello Dear Ladies! I'm so exited to see my blog reached over 200 followers! Thanks full for all of you who pop in and check to see whats new from time to time. What does Autumn bring to mind for you? For me it brings to mind Dusty plum colors :) Cool breezes, just felt one today even in Fl! I can feel the cool right around the corner. Cool to us is maybe 80 haha I'll take it right now though. This month I have been dyeing lots of laces, belts, tops, linen a dusty plum and mauves. Those colors are so beautiful. We are revamping the website tonight with a new front page look to get us in the spirit of Autumn Romance. Here are a few pretty romantic things to look at and hope to post soon with my new pieces! Luv Kimberly

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paris Summer

Hi Sweet Gypsy girls! There is a little gypsy in all of us....This summer I have really been the traveling gypsy, you can visit my kimberlyryanartblog for those crazy trips I took painting the town, really painting too:) Summer painting took me away from my passion number 2, sewing! But I did manage to get a few designs in this summer. The first dress is totally beautiful, part of our plus size collection . Hand dyed gauze ruffle romance dress, this one was custom made for my dear Shelia for her Sons wedding coming up in August. Another sweet customer/friend Michelle of the Duke & Duchess designs is wearing her Paris Rags bloomers , she had them made especially for her trip to PARIS next week! My bloomers will be in PARIS! She also is bringing her Gypsy Flea market hipster with the long gauze wrap belt. This will be perfect for her shopping, zipper closure. I think she looks fab. The bloomers are linen blend, light, cool, easy to wash and dry and the color goes with anything. Our new crinkle skirts hand dyed, they are awesome and sooo comfortable, cool for summer...... Our new summer collection will be out next week, the final summer pieces are beautiful... lots of hand picked pieces and some originals. Right now we are working on our upcoming show dates, November 12 & 13 at the PARISIAN TENT SALE in Ft. Lauder dale then the next weekend to The Renningers Extravaganza in Mount Dora, Fl we will be busy busy for sure!! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, I post almost daily of events. Thank you for stopping by dear friends I love to hear from you!!! Love, Kimberly

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vintage Summer

Hi Ladies! Where have I been? Well Life is always in the way when it comes to designing, that darn Life....I'm here for a minute to catch up. Can't remember where I left off:) I'll just through some pretty pics your way and hope you enjoy them, love to hear what you all have been up to this Hot summer. I would like to say Thank you so much to Sandy,,,,for my beautiful Lilacs sent in a bautiful box...the smell is so amazing and brought back sweet memories. Thank you Sandy

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer Gauze Romance

Oh how I love Gauze fabric, since I was about 12 ,13 when I first saw a photo of an older Natalie Wood in a beautiful turquoise gauze caftan, I knew I loved that fabric! She wore a beautiful turquoise necklace and jewelry with it. I just wanted one of those dresses. I would always fill out the order form for a catalog that sold them, but never seemed to have the money to get it, they were quite costly to a 13 yr old :) I have always loved the romantic feel of cotton gauze, I could see myself wearing that caftan in Africa overlooking the Serengeti , yes I was a HUGE out of Africa movie fan....Karen Blixen fan, remember in the old issue of Victoria Magazine....? Now I find myself buying lots of gauze, bolts of it last is what I came up with! Maybe drifted a bit away from my vintage lace clothing but, for summer, gauze is it for me, the bloomers are amazingly comfy....and best of all they come in size small - 3x even bigger if you request.....having larger sizes is very important to me. Enjoy the photos I'll be back soon with something else under my gauze sleeve :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vintage Passion

Another beauty in lace..... I have one more to show you this coming week....I'm in a lavender mode, dying laces lavender for a top today, its unusual, I added tea to the dye, didnt want that bright purple color,,,, The gauze linen top is so pretty, I have them in tea stain pink, tea, and white, so romantic!! Keep your eyes out for some lavenders and the new bag I made for Sandy:) Love and hugs, xoxo Kimberly

Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Spring Romance

Bonjour my friends! Behind the scenes I have been working quite a bit in my sewing lab :) Mixing tea and rit dyes, soaking up all the lace and gauze for these sweet fun custom pieces. I just love how everything looks after a good soak in tea, then the dryer with lavender dryer sheets , when the fabric and lace come out its like they aged 50 years or more! My little Time machine :) All three of these items were a custom order for one sweet lady, now I have one more bag to finish this week for my sweet friend Sandy. Her bag is turning out soooo lovely , I saved some special lace for it. I will be sure to give you all a sneek peek after she sees it. The hat is so special, in person it's just ahhhh.... the last piece is a wrap, I call it the Parisian Gypsy , another piece that came out of the time machine:) Well, besides being sick from the pollen , any allergy sufferers out there? It was never a problem in my younger days but ever since I hit 40 a few years back I have inherited all these weird ailments ! Oh well, til next time, thanks again for all the sweet comments I love to hear from you all!! Hugs, Kimberly