Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Spring Romance

Bonjour my friends! Behind the scenes I have been working quite a bit in my sewing lab :) Mixing tea and rit dyes, soaking up all the lace and gauze for these sweet fun custom pieces. I just love how everything looks after a good soak in tea, then the dryer with lavender dryer sheets , when the fabric and lace come out its like they aged 50 years or more! My little Time machine :) All three of these items were a custom order for one sweet lady, now I have one more bag to finish this week for my sweet friend Sandy. Her bag is turning out soooo lovely , I saved some special lace for it. I will be sure to give you all a sneek peek after she sees it. The hat is so special, in person it's just ahhhh.... the last piece is a wrap, I call it the Parisian Gypsy , another piece that came out of the time machine:) Well, besides being sick from the pollen , any allergy sufferers out there? It was never a problem in my younger days but ever since I hit 40 a few years back I have inherited all these weird ailments ! Oh well, til next time, thanks again for all the sweet comments I love to hear from you all!! Hugs, Kimberly


  1. After seeing all these custom things you had made for this lady, I can't wait, my gosh Kimberly this stuff is awesome... everything is absolutely beautiful. I looooove her hang bag, so I can't even imagine what mine is going to look like. I really need to calm down I am so excited. I don't think I have ever seen a hat so romantic as this one... and the shaw wrap is so dreamy. I bet this special lady is going to be in awe and so well pleased with your work. I know my heart is going to leap when I get MY package.

    Thanks sweet Kimberly - your the best my friend!

  2. Your creations are stunning and that's probably an understatement!


  3. Ohhh these are just gorgeous! I admire your work so much!
    Lou xx

  4. So very gorgeous! Your talent amazes! And yes, the pollen has definitely taken its fair share of air space here! ~ Angela

  5. Over the top gorgeous!!! I just love everything.

  6. Kimberly that bag is gorgeous. And now I can hardly wait to see Sandy's!!! I keep watching your slide over and pver and over. I just can't believe how mant beautiful things you create. The pieces in the post are amazing.
    I always look for your new postings to see what new things you are sewing up.

  7. Wow Kimberly!!

    Your creations are wonderful!!! And love your music - normally, I don't get into the music and turn the mute on. Glad I had not turned it off before i got to your site! I love your blogging topics, pictures and think you are some kind of talented!!!

    I am now a follower! Would it be okay to add you to my list of favorites?

    "Her" and Romeo

  8. You have created amazing masterpieces. In person these must be beyond beautiful. Happy creating...

  9. OMG, I just found your blog and I think I died and went to heaven???!!!! I just ordered one of your cuffs on etsy and I want to inquire about purchasing a lacy handbag like this one, or as close as possible to this one? That is absolutely gorgeous and I must have one please? Please advise how to proceed. Thanks.

  10. MY KINGDOM FOR THAT HAT....Oh my word ...that is beautiful.....I collect hats...or did moreso at one time when I had my portrait studio.......never in my life have I seen one that unusual..and beautiful.
    Please tell me the price range for this hat.
    The rest is to pass out for too...oh but that hat...I nearly fainted.


  11. You have the kind of RAGS I want to wear :)

    Love them all

    make me out to be the best dressed Ragga Muffin!!



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