Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quaker Lace Not just for the table Anymore

Just had to share a new Custom order from a lady who contacted me on Etsy. I constructed it with a beautiful old Quaker lace tablecloth, you cant buy fabric this beautiful....I bought some tablecloths at the antique fair last week. I'm thrilled with the result, and not to mention the wrinkled gauze panels, ugh so pretty.....Thanks for taking a look, hugs xoxo Kimberly

Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Dreaming

Hi Ladies Spring is almost here, well at my house it is, well not really but I did make my first spring jacket. Let me say, I'm so proud of it, totally constructed by me. I started with pale pink linen soaked in tea with the gauze and lace. The back is cut out to see through the gauze and lace. I did get my inspiration for this from Sestra a search sometime.... beyond words....Anyway here is my dream jacket/vest . it fits me too, but yes it's in my etsy shop, for now. After the last show I discovered I need to be more free and creative, I tend to make things too rigid , sewing every little seam just right, this time I just threw that to the wind and let loose! Well, back to work for me thanks for stopping by, I love your comments ! Kimberly

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tents & Lace

Dear Friends! We arrived back home last night from our show in Mount Dora, I had so much fun with my family and friends. Despite some sad news this morning, my photos cheered me up a bit, I was proud of our little show and all the pretties one person can make in a short time. We met some wonderful sweet people and ran into old friends as well. My dad showed up Friday with is remarkable shelves and antique ceiling tin mirrors which added so much beauty to our displays. The first pic is of my basket chandelier, last year I had an old Victorian lamp decked out with roses and ribbons. The chandelier basket had little lights in it too....It will make its way to my living room after it's unpacked :) We had a great dressing room this year too! My Mm looked lovely as usual holding up Dads pretty antique tin. My Micayla taking a break in the back and minding our dogs we brought along. All in all it was a fun time. So now back to sewing and daily life as usual! Thanks so much everyone who came out to visit and sit a while with us! Thanks Cassandra for the company:) Hugs, Kimberly

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have LACE will Travel !

Hi Ladies! First I'd like to address the first photo of this amazing Antique Ceiling tin mirror. When I first set eyes on it, oh my....its so nostalgic, vintage,romantic,stunning! I'm proud to say my Dad, William Golden ( Golden Era Art) made it! He is an amazing artist. I'm trying to encourage him to do his craft full time. Right now he is getting about 7 pieces ready for our next mount Dora extravaganza Feb 19-21. He makes shelves, mirrors, frames. They are works of art. The back is all framed out, no sharp edges as some just nail tin to the boards. The mirror here is actually the original paint but he used a special technique to preserve the colors and paint and yet have a lasting patina with out chipping everywhere. He actually cut out the design so the mirror reflects thru. I'll have more photos of his work at the show. They are divine....I kinda hope this one doesn't sell :) It looks beautiful on my mantel shelf hubby built for me. Now for the Have lace, will Travel..... That's Moi! Here are a few finished pieces, really pretty pieces, still more to make yet in one week, yikes! I hope some of you will be able to stop by, I know a few of my blogger friends will be stopping to say hi. Enjoy the week ! Love & Hugs, Kimberly

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Layers of Lace

Hi ladies, this is my lates sweater jacket ful of vitage lace. I'm still busy getting ready for our last Mount Dora Show Feb 19,20,21 if our around come by and say hi! I have so many new creations I wil post later! We are still laying floors... whew! till next time! Hugs, Kimberly