Monday, September 28, 2009

Pink Fairytale

Hi Ladies! Thanks for stopping by..... Things here are busy, as you all are I'm sure :) Here is one item I finished, I revamped this beautiful old vintage pink baby doll. It was longer so I cut it down for top length. It came out so pretty, the center has a beautiful removable brooch. Tons of vintage lace, it's so romantic. For now I'm listing my items to Etsy Here Thanks so much for your comments, I really need them, sometimes I wonder what am I doing! After painting for so many years I find I haven't picked up my brush in a while. There are so many new rose painters popping up with websites starting with the name Shabby it's crazy. Though what I'm doing Magnolia Pearl has pretty much cornered the market on, I still feel my items are really pretty and unique. My new idea will be up to view soon! To explain , I love flea markets, generally I go to huge ones, lots of walking, up hill down hill, toting my little grocery cart for my treasures. I hate carrying a purse, even over the shoulder, or my next option would be an ugly nylon fanny pack, well I decided to make my own version of the fanny pack only mine will be BEAUTIFUL! Lace, trims, sport zipper on top for easy and safe money handling, room for cell phone, wallet, and best of all it comes in all different vintage fabrics! It will look so cool with your Style clothing, jeans etc. I'm so exited! Now , Ready for the name..... Gypsy Flea market Hipster! I'm working on many designs for our upcoming show in Mount Dora end of November. They are so awesome , easy buckle to clip on your waist which is adjustable. Very gypsy Chic! I'll be back soon with photos so check back !! Have a lovely week, lots of Hugs, Kimberly

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doily Fever

Hi LAdies! Thanks for stopping by to take a peek at my little creations. Here are a few sweet pieces, a vintage doily top , dont you love the old little crochet roses! I made a sweet cuff to match. Love them! They are on my Etsy right now Hope you all are doing well. I'm working on a new design of my very own. I will tell you it's so awesome, the name of this item is called...."Gypsy Fleamarket Hipster" can you guess what it is? I'll show you soon, but if you love fleamarketing, love romantic wear, you will have to have one! We will be featuring them at our show in mount dora , I'm so exited, I'll reveal the first one soon!! Love and hugs,Kimberly

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Fall" in Love

Hi Ladies! Here are a few Fall items just added, well, I know pink isn't really a fall color, but I love them! I'm getting more beautiful items ready for our big show in Mount Dora November 21,22,23 ! You will have to come visit if your near that area of Florida. Last year I focused on my paintings but this year were making it mostly about clothing , accessories, vintage finds, and still my roses, I will have them painted on jackets and tops too.... it will be exiting, I love the extraviganzas! Hope everyone is well and thanks for stopping by to see whats new, love and hugs always my Romantic friends! Kimberly