Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Gypsies are Home !

Were back from our Flea Market trip! Be sure to click on the song to the right while you you enjoy the photos. The song is so me! I love it....

Janet came over to say hi , I was so happy to see her, she is a special lady....talented, always so calm and easy to be around, thanks for your visit Janet:) Sweet Cassandra came to visit, she is so talented and such a sweet friend....
MY Dad and mom came to visit us and help out, below is Kayla, Dad and myself....

A happy customer wearing her new pink lace dress!
This sweet customer below tried on the smallest little jean lace jacket I had in stock, boy she rocked it ! Yep she also took it home with her!

Becky from Lace & Lures blog also came by to visit, she is sooo sweet I was happy to meet her finally!

My contest winning table quickly sold Friday , I was sad to see it go :(

My little sweetie posing, she was a great help!

small but sweet, I guess that's how everyone starts out right...:)

The night we arrived it was muggy out, buggy, yuk, we always sleep in our trailer the first night, the two blow up beds were a great idea until we discovered one was broke :) Well , I was ready for our hotel room by the end of Friday. The show was fun and we are geared up for the next in February! Bigger and better , we always learn from the last show, this time I need a full length mirror, dressing room and another chair!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hi Sweet friends.... I'm out of the sewing room for a little chat and to share some of my Goods with you all before I take them to show! Though I failed terribly with the making of the Gypsy flea market hipsters, I did make a few, they are a bit more time consuming than I predicted, So after the show I will work on them more. How do you like my old dress form, I wanted to do something unique and I think she is very Paris Rags! I have two more to finish before we leave Thursday whew! I made more jewelry pieces, more beautiful brooches with hand beading....I Love making I will leave you for now. My next post will be great pics of our show and some clothing pieces I forgot to photograph before packing. I'm so exited , last night I found out I came in 4th Place in the Fifi Contest for my Table! That was fun :) Talk to you soon and thank you for your comments! Hugs, Kimberly!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Treasured Jewels & Keepsakes

I've ben wanting to use some of my little treasures brass findings to make some unusual jewelry for the show and Etsy. I loved how they turned out, I ran out of chains and supplies. The little vintage spools with egg were something I have been wanting to make , so I had to try them out. I know it's not spring yet but I'm always in love with blue eggs, nests and birdies. I think they are precious! All of these pretty treasures will be added to the Etsy shop tomorrow. Be sure to pop over to my other blog to see the table results! I'm so happy with it... I just found a gorgeous old antique round table to re-do and will post before and afters on my other blog , Kimberly Ryan art. I think it will turn out Fab! Back to work for now, hugs, Kimberly xoxo