Monday, November 2, 2009

Treasured Jewels & Keepsakes

I've ben wanting to use some of my little treasures brass findings to make some unusual jewelry for the show and Etsy. I loved how they turned out, I ran out of chains and supplies. The little vintage spools with egg were something I have been wanting to make , so I had to try them out. I know it's not spring yet but I'm always in love with blue eggs, nests and birdies. I think they are precious! All of these pretty treasures will be added to the Etsy shop tomorrow. Be sure to pop over to my other blog to see the table results! I'm so happy with it... I just found a gorgeous old antique round table to re-do and will post before and afters on my other blog , Kimberly Ryan art. I think it will turn out Fab! Back to work for now, hugs, Kimberly xoxo


  1. Oh my Kimberly the jewelry is so pretty! I love that all these pieces are in blue. The way you have them displayed is such a beautiful vignette in itself. I love photographing things like this. The little spools are such a unique idea and something I've never seen before.Just more wonderful creations form you Kimberly!

  2. I have a blog award for you, pick it up any time you'd like!!

  3. Oh la la....can't wait to see these treasures in person soon:-)~xoxo, Janet

  4. Love, love those spools and everything else!

  5. Kimberly, how nice to find your blog....I have joined as well. Your things are lovely...I most especially love anything that has to do with LACE.~~

    Please drop by my blog and see what you think of it.



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