Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting my Colors On !

Most anyone who knows me, knows I'm affraid of color :) I love muted old vintage colors, whites, blush faded pinks.....I stretched it a little this week with the minty green and the purple but then faded back to the pale colors:) I did a few new jewelry pieces that cam out so pretty... I added all of the items to my Etsy shop today untill we head out to Mount Dora on the 20th of Nov. Thanks for stopping by!! Kimberly xoxox

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tea Stained Goodness

Hi Friends! Here is a lovely bag I finished the other day, experimenting with tea and coffee dye. I love using natural elements for dying fabrics, red cool aide is great as long as you wash it after the soaking process, or else it will bleed when washed again, not a good thing :) I soaked all of the laces and trims in tea but I couldn't get the desired darkness from the tea for the rayon trim so I soaked overnight in super strong coffee, I know they make a rayon ribbon in brown bit I love the aged look. It came out perfect! The cotton lace and crochet just soak up that tea and coffee mixture to a divine vintage aged color, when it dries partially I dab the tea bags here and there on the laces and ribbon trims for a more dramatic look. My Flea market hipsters are about ready, I only wish I had someone to help me sew them all, coming up with all this inventory for the show end of November is grueling for one woman!! Hope everyone has a super Fab week, lots of hugs and thanks for stopping by with your sweet adored comments! xoxo Kimberly

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Moon Love

I just had to get on the bandwagon with this theme! Tried my hand on the Dark side! Very spooky yet Romantic, do they go together? I guess millions of Twilight fans think so! have it in my Etsy shop with more pics. Have a happy rest of the week!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Am I crazy? Winter Wonderland Gloves?

My little helper "Shabby" He's pirched here with me everytime I sew, I always wonder what he's thinking, he is always so intently watching every move I make

I was so inspired to make these beautiful gloves, full of antique lace, MOP buttons , and lace trims on a simply soft winter white fleece. Its not your normal fleece , its thinner and stretchy, great stuff! I love fingerless, they are great for flea markets, store, shopping in general. Thought I'd pass them by you ladies, now tell me the truth should I make a bunch for the show, ( it was cold last year) or are they just too fancy for everyday? My hand isn't the most delicate, nails are so short, I need a hand model :) Let me know what you think! It's been heaven here in Fl with a low of 46 tonight yippeee!! Love the cold air, its rejuvinating to me!!! Love and hugs, Kimberly

Friday, October 16, 2009

Gypsy Fairytale

Happy Friday ladies! Sometimes I wish I had a "normal" job, the weekend would be for fun and regrouping, no re- grouping around here! Were getting ready for the Mount Dora Extravaganza Nove 21-23 Hope some of you will make it over to see our tent ! I have so many ideas this year for decorating it , should be so much fun. I'm working on the Gypsy Fleamarket hipsters, lavender sachets,these beautiful scarves, all tattered and beautiful made from gauze that I tea stain. Then I'm doing some skirts, bloomers, pillows, cuffs, bags, some jewelry pieces, gypsy tattered dress forms and my pretty millinery you see I'm a bit frazzled here. I just added these pretty items to my Etsy, I have to update my soon! I still dont know how to edit our new program! Not too good for business:) Till then Etsy will do. Thanks ever so much for stopping by! Big hugs and enjoy your weekend for me too! lol

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Paris & Lace What Else is there ?

I was so thrilled to finish this gorgeous cuff, it's so me, I love white on white with touches of pale pinks, more like blush pinks. This beauty is in my etsy shop along with my new Marie Antoinette jewelry box, I love making them! I hope you all have a lovely upcoming week and Thank you so much for leaving comments it really inspires me to keep doing what I love!!! Hugs, Kimberly

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Etsy Shop SALE!

Hi Ladies! I'm having a big price markdown in my ETSY shop , trying to freshen up and let go of some beautiful items to make way for the fall pieces. Come over and take a look ! Hope everyone is cooling off with this beautiful weather! Hugs, Kimberly