Monday, October 26, 2009

Tea Stained Goodness

Hi Friends! Here is a lovely bag I finished the other day, experimenting with tea and coffee dye. I love using natural elements for dying fabrics, red cool aide is great as long as you wash it after the soaking process, or else it will bleed when washed again, not a good thing :) I soaked all of the laces and trims in tea but I couldn't get the desired darkness from the tea for the rayon trim so I soaked overnight in super strong coffee, I know they make a rayon ribbon in brown bit I love the aged look. It came out perfect! The cotton lace and crochet just soak up that tea and coffee mixture to a divine vintage aged color, when it dries partially I dab the tea bags here and there on the laces and ribbon trims for a more dramatic look. My Flea market hipsters are about ready, I only wish I had someone to help me sew them all, coming up with all this inventory for the show end of November is grueling for one woman!! Hope everyone has a super Fab week, lots of hugs and thanks for stopping by with your sweet adored comments! xoxo Kimberly


  1. You did an amazing job on these bags, very lovely- I wish I can go to the show and see these wonderful things in person. It's coming soon and I know your working your butt off because just with what I have seen takes time and a great vision to pull off beautiful creations.

    Until next time-

  2. Oh my GOSH! Those bags are wonderful! The second one, with all of the chocolate brown ribbon, is to die for! I want it girl!

  3. Kimberly this is to die for beautiful girl!!! You are going to be such a hit at this show! I am so excited to hear how it all goes for you. I so hope you do a bang up biz and that you don't bring one thing home with you.

  4. Wow....the bags are totally gorgeous! you are very talented! just found your blog--- the name got me here! love it!


  5. They did turn out perfect! Really beautiful!!!

    :) T

  6. How fortunate I couldn't sleep this early morning because I found your wonderful blog! The muted colors of your pieces make them positively dreamy.


  7. Love the purse


    barbara jean


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