Sunday, October 11, 2009

Paris & Lace What Else is there ?

I was so thrilled to finish this gorgeous cuff, it's so me, I love white on white with touches of pale pinks, more like blush pinks. This beauty is in my etsy shop along with my new Marie Antoinette jewelry box, I love making them! I hope you all have a lovely upcoming week and Thank you so much for leaving comments it really inspires me to keep doing what I love!!! Hugs, Kimberly


  1. just love your art work, the roses are beautiful, blush pinks my favorite, have a great week, my Halloween Harvest Ball is Oct. 17th swing by for some green mouse stew LOL
    Kaerie Faerie

  2. What a beautiful cuff Kimberly! Everytime I see one of your creations, I think, how does she come up with all these beautiful ideas?
    I love the Queen's chest. Absolutely stunning! I'm so glad that you left the original fit for a queen.

  3. I adore your work Kimberly.... the jewelry chest is so frenchy and the cuff is darling. I am so excited to see more of your creations and I'm sure they will be coming in soon. So romantic and feminine!

    See Ya Soon- Hugs

  4. Beautiful all the works, Lovely greetings from Uruguay


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