Sunday, October 18, 2009

Am I crazy? Winter Wonderland Gloves?

My little helper "Shabby" He's pirched here with me everytime I sew, I always wonder what he's thinking, he is always so intently watching every move I make

I was so inspired to make these beautiful gloves, full of antique lace, MOP buttons , and lace trims on a simply soft winter white fleece. Its not your normal fleece , its thinner and stretchy, great stuff! I love fingerless, they are great for flea markets, store, shopping in general. Thought I'd pass them by you ladies, now tell me the truth should I make a bunch for the show, ( it was cold last year) or are they just too fancy for everyday? My hand isn't the most delicate, nails are so short, I need a hand model :) Let me know what you think! It's been heaven here in Fl with a low of 46 tonight yippeee!! Love the cold air, its rejuvinating to me!!! Love and hugs, Kimberly


  1. They're gorgeous!! And yes, hasn't the weather been great the past couple of days?

  2. Well Kimberly, you know what I think...I think they are just beautiful and there is no such thing as too fancy. They are absolutely stunning and so are your photos today of Shabby and your creative space!!!
    Thank you so much for your lovely message to me.

  3. They are wonderful and whatever you design that comes from the heart isn't crazy

  4. Bet that little guy is thinking, "I ♥ my mommy. I wonder what I can grab to play with..."

  5. I wish I was close by to you Kimberly so we can chat about your creations, everything you create is so feminine and awesome. Beautiful gloves, but if you are undecided how many to make, just make a few of them and see how it goes. You can always take orders. I love the trim and especially the trim towards the wrist.

    Wonderful Work!!


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