Friday, October 16, 2009

Gypsy Fairytale

Happy Friday ladies! Sometimes I wish I had a "normal" job, the weekend would be for fun and regrouping, no re- grouping around here! Were getting ready for the Mount Dora Extravaganza Nove 21-23 Hope some of you will make it over to see our tent ! I have so many ideas this year for decorating it , should be so much fun. I'm working on the Gypsy Fleamarket hipsters, lavender sachets,these beautiful scarves, all tattered and beautiful made from gauze that I tea stain. Then I'm doing some skirts, bloomers, pillows, cuffs, bags, some jewelry pieces, gypsy tattered dress forms and my pretty millinery you see I'm a bit frazzled here. I just added these pretty items to my Etsy, I have to update my soon! I still dont know how to edit our new program! Not too good for business:) Till then Etsy will do. Thanks ever so much for stopping by! Big hugs and enjoy your weekend for me too! lol


  1. I LOVE the pink slip!! I think I'll try to make it up to Mt. Dora. (Work permitting)...I'd love to be able to see and feel your designs in person-they are beautiful!!

  2. OMG I've died and gone to Shabby Chic Heaven, so beautiful, I can't wait to see your tent in Nov.
    Don't work to hard, enjoy the great weather this weekend
    Kaerie Faerie

  3. Kimberly, is there no end to your creativity? I don't know where the show is you're doing, but if I did, you would be the FIRST booth I would look up. I hope you take pictures of your space so that those of us who cannot come can still see all the beauty.
    That scarf is the prettiest thing I've ever seen!!! No kidding!!!

  4. OMG! so decandent...but would get so dirty inthe snow and slush up here ....beautiful!

  5. OH Kimberly I wish I could be there, I would love to meet you and see all the lovely things you have made. I hope everything goes well for you. The scarf is out of this world.... I'm tempted because that is one of my weaknesses; what a beauty!


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