Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have LACE will Travel !

Hi Ladies! First I'd like to address the first photo of this amazing Antique Ceiling tin mirror. When I first set eyes on it, oh my....its so nostalgic, vintage,romantic,stunning! I'm proud to say my Dad, William Golden ( Golden Era Art) made it! He is an amazing artist. I'm trying to encourage him to do his craft full time. Right now he is getting about 7 pieces ready for our next mount Dora extravaganza Feb 19-21. He makes shelves, mirrors, frames. They are works of art. The back is all framed out, no sharp edges as some just nail tin to the boards. The mirror here is actually the original paint but he used a special technique to preserve the colors and paint and yet have a lasting patina with out chipping everywhere. He actually cut out the design so the mirror reflects thru. I'll have more photos of his work at the show. They are divine....I kinda hope this one doesn't sell :) It looks beautiful on my mantel shelf hubby built for me. Now for the Have lace, will Travel..... That's Moi! Here are a few finished pieces, really pretty pieces, still more to make yet in one week, yikes! I hope some of you will be able to stop by, I know a few of my blogger friends will be stopping to say hi. Enjoy the week ! Love & Hugs, Kimberly


  1. WOW!!!! So many gorgeous pretties. I love all of them.

  2. Nice mirror by your dad. My dad makes rock paths. Beautiful blog, just found it.

  3. Your new creations are just beautiful :) Thank you so much for your help with my manniquin "top" I am now on the look out for some pieces to top mine off with :) Besos, Rose

    ps..your dads mirrors are just gorgeous! He truly is an artist :)

  4. of the most delightful places in Florida....especailly when you have your show there.

    Would LOVE to be there for it.


  5. OH of the "best kept secrets" in Flordia..what a delightful, sweet little town that is...have been there a number of times..but not in recent years..and hate the thought of missing this time around too.

    GOOD LUCK on your show.


  6. Oh my...I saw the comments above about Mt. Dora and it sure has changed in the last few years. Lots of the old haunts are sadly gone, but at least we still have Renningers...albeit a much smaller show as the years come and go. Your clothing line is sooooo gorgeous Kim, I hope that you do well!! Still don't know if I will see you or not, sitting on the fence! ~xoxo~ Janet

  7. Oh! So now I get it! Talent and creativity runs through your whole family! ;) The mirror is beautiful. You are an amazing artist. I am always in wonder of your creations. You inspire me!
    hugs from Poland!

  8. Hi Kimberly!
    I just found your blog from Cassandra's, and oh my, I'm in LOVE! :) Clearly, your family is full of amazing artists! I've added your blog to my blogroll so I can follow along with all your adventures!

  9. Hi Kimberly~
    I found you through Cassandra's Blog....I loved the pictures she showed of your booth...full of beauty!
    LuLu Kellogg

  10. Oooh La la! Fun to find your link through Cassandras! I'll be back!



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