Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Browser Difficulties

Hi Everyone! Just an update regarding which browser you use to view my new website , if by chance you are using the new Google Chrome, Safari or FireFox, chances are you cant click on the photo menu (That photo is how I feel about the situation) :(. You can however surf the website with explorer or other browsers with no problem. My website guy, ( hubby) is working on the time consuming problem to get it running for every browser. In the mean time just pop up your explorer to view. Sorry for the inconvenience!! Hugs, Kimberly!


  1. If it makes a difference, I have Foxfire and did not have a problem wandering around your lovely site.

  2. Photo is perfect for computer problems. Makes me smile.

  3. Hi Kim ~ I hope you are getting all of this worked out! What a drag....! ~Stacy~


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