Sunday, May 24, 2009

New items added!

While we wait till the 30Th to announce our winner for the Marie cuff , I've posted a few new items including one of the new Plus size tops "Vintage Butterfly" in our new plus size section called "Fit for a Queen" :) I have been working on more pretty plus tops and skirts with matching lace accessories. I'll get them up this week. I just added one of my Original hats using some of my most coveted shabby beautiful millinery roses and lace. Beautiful summer romance Chapeau! I made the prettiest antique lace cuff with pale blue silk, can't wait to add that this week too! The best news to date, A new Model I have hired to model much of the collection! Devin is super beautiful cant wait to start photographing her in my designs. I met her at a restaurant one night, she greeted us at the door and my husband just looked at me like he knew what I was thinking! I approached her and the rest is history. I'm really exited about it! Be sure to leave your request to be added to the Marie giveaway in that post so I wont miss your name! Thanks so much for every ones interest in my new little website, hope it does well, all these clothes are piling up! Help! I'll have to take pics of my bedroom wall all lined up with clothes ! Have a nice long weekend! Kimberly:)


  1. Hello Kimberly,
    Thank you for coming by my blog yesterday to give me my gift certificate, however I think possible you missed something, or I missed something. There was no customer code # you referred to. I thought maybe you emailed it , but no. Could you help me out with my confusion?
    Thank You so much, and the jean jacket above is beautiful!

  2. Kimberly, you are truly talented! Lovely items and blog!

  3. Your blog is beautiful, I love all of your photos. Thank you for stopping by my blog.


  4. So utterly romantic Kim!! Have you thought of hitting up the boutiques in your area for selling? Just a thought, I used to do HP resort wear a long time back and the local shops did well w/them. ~xo~Janet

  5. Beautiful Kim. I love the denim jacket! Congrats on your new blog and business. I know you will do wonderfully with it!

  6. Hi Kim, Girl all your things are just beautiful. The Jacket is my favorite. I can't wait for things to pick up on my end, because when they do, you'll be the first to know..... I want, I want, I want- thats how excited I get looking at your GORGEOUS items.

    Have a Wonderful Day-

  7. If only i could get that hat! It's the cutest thing I've seen lately...



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