Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love Whites!

Goodness I should join White Wednesday with all the whites I have been doing. Nothing like crisp soft cotton with a touch of wrinkle, add some lace and voila! I love white vintage trims, lace, cotton, gauze, linen, I think they are my most favorite. Here are a few beautiful tops and accessories I have been working on. I just added them to my Ebay shop , seems I get more exposure there lately. Hope you all are keeping warm, here in Florida, Jax we hit 26 during the night ! Woweee, I hope it snows, that would be amazing....I have really enjoyed stoking up the fireplace, the cats love it too, they love the warmth and are mesmerized by the flames. I have to get a photo of that :) Hugs and love to you all xoxo Kimberly


  1. Kimberly, do you ever have a talent, sweet girl! Gorgeous as ever. I adore the little blouse so much. Do these ideas come to you constantly, or does your mind get to rest sometimes? Just amazing art my friend!

  2. I also adore whites, especially Edwardian white They have such a sensual and romantic quality to them. Sea Witch

  3. I love my whites too Kimberly, most of my wardrobe for the summer is mostly whites. What you have posted is the kind of things I wear. My favorite though is the 3rd one down. I think I'm going to check them out on Ebay. How are you doing on Ebay anyways? I use to go there so much, but things are really not the same anymore like it use be.

    I heard you guys are having it real cold and that's COLD for Florida, I used to live in Clearwater for about a year and during this time it did go down in the 40's not as bad as what your getting now.

    Well girl keep warm and that would be darling to post your cats admiring the flames.... animals are really something else aren't they?

    Catch Ya later- Take Care

  4. Love the whites hate the snow, and it is a little tooo cold here in Central Florida, I wish I had a fire place. But the clothing is gorgeous

  5. OMG!!! I love your new creations!! And I love that they're all white~

    It's been a trite colh here in Florida lately, hasn't it?

  6. You are an amazing artist! I am blown away...

  7. How amazingly beautiful... you do wonderful work! xo Bryanna

  8. Bonjour et bravo pour toutes vos belles créations, Elles Sont Plus belles les unes que les autres, très à bientôt, bisous de France!


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