Monday, December 28, 2009

Lace and Popcorn

Hello Ladies! Hope everyone is happy and healthy.....I have been busy with home lately, my husband hired a man to help him remove the popcorn cottage cheese ceilings this past weekend. Talk about a mess! We pulled up all our tile then he sanded the floors so that we could paint the concrete. It is so beautiful when it's finished, I love the look of showroom style floors with the gloss finish. Needless to say I've been trying to keep up with the dust! In the mean time here are a few new items for the shop. I will list the top tonight. I'm working on some beautiful things , can't wait to show you all! If you get a chance the new movie out Friday " NINE" with Daniel Day Lewis , Was Fantastico! I love musical type movies, theatrical. Loved the music too! Till next time , thanks as always for stopping by!! Love and hugs, Kimberly

Just a sweet pic of my pretty girl Micayla, she will be 12 in January! She is growing up so fast, I love her to pieces........


  1. Oh my gosh that is an awesome purse....holy cow. I wish I could wear one like that...just never that that "fancy" dressed up.

    Your granddaughter is so pretty..I think she is your grandaughter as I recall.
    What decent is she ? She is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!


  2. I meant to say I never get THAT dressed up. And also meant to say...what Descent is she ?


  3. Your daughter is beautiful!

    And I love the 'pin'?
    I guess that is what it is. gorgeous!!


    barbara jean

  4. Oh my goodness Kimberly, Micayla is beautiful...just like her mommy! Isn't it amazing how fast the time goes by when you are raising a child?
    Your new creations are GORGEOUS! I love that beautiful blouse and could definitely see that handbag hanging off my shoulder!!!
    I so wish I could get rid of the awful popcorn ceilings in my house too. That will be a project for when I am feeling very, very brave. I've heard that it is quite a mess and now reading about yours enforces the fact that I'm just not ready to face it
    Hugs to you Kim...

  5. Hi Kimberly, I was scrolling down and notice you on the sidebar... I love that picture of you... and your daughter is a living doll, dress so well with a sweetest smile. I bet she is going to be just as creative like you, and talk about being creative your pieces are fantastic. My eyes are glued on that handbag and I love the idea of the flower pin being able to move it to wherever. Now with that said I'm getting excited about mine in the making.

    I bet your glad that's over with concerning the popcorn ceiling. A project that is now behind you..... Yea-


  6. OK. I was model scout for many years and I think your daughter is amazing. What a beautiful face and a sweet spirit. What a lucky woman you are to have your own BEAUTIFUL model! Also your work is astounding. I LOVE it!!! So happy to have found you...
    Hugs from Poland


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