Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Whites & My little Vignette

I've been collection vintage knitted and crochet jackets to re-do this one I added ruching in cotton with lace trim and a vintage old gorgeous huge collar and Roses ( of Course). Yo ucan see more pics as I listed it on Etsy today. Its so dreamy and quite a bit of work. The below pics are a sweet little vignette in my dining room, I'm redoing the gorgeous long buffet in the photo , it will go along with my bird and nest theme that I love. I just picked up the HOPE sign with the little bird at Joann fabrics! I thought it was so adorable, I love the colors.... Till next time have a lovely rest of the week... hugs, Kimberly


  1. Kimberly the sweater jacket is beautiful, I love the rosettes, on the collar piece, in fact when I went to look at more photos on esty, the back of this sweater is just gorgeous.... I'm dying over here. What a wonderful pieces... 3/4 quarter sleeves right up my alley.

    It's always great seeing bits and pieces of your home.... I seen the sign at Joanne Fabric too and it really is nice.... sometimes I wish I could have more rooms to fit that color in as well. I like that place, you just never know what you'll find for home decorations. You have everything set so pretty on your shelf and on your buffet... Looks Great! By the way I'm admiring the basket thing too.


  2. Kim, has anyone else mentioned to you that the pink text is really hard to read...just wanted to let you know because I have to highlight it to read the comments.
    BEAUTIFUL sweater jacket.


  3. Gasp!!! This piece is to die for gorgeous as is everything you do Kimberly. I had to get my husband to the computer last night to see that scarf and now I'm going to make him come back here again and look at this sweater. He's so sweet, because he always acts so interested. He did say today that I will be getting a laptop for Christmas. He's tired of walking back to the studio everytime I want him to see one of your new creations.( and others pretty things) You've got it Kimberly, I hope you never tire of it. It's pure art.
    Oh, and thanks for the new laptop!

  4. Wiping the drool from my mouth.... How beautiful!! I swear everything you touch is simply divine!!

  5. Your work is just stunning! Glad I found you.

  6. oohhhh so pretty!! Im a friend of Cassandra's and we are constantly talking about all your lovely items!! Love your stuff! xo Bryanna


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