Monday, January 11, 2010

Keeping warm? Hope so !

As you know I love whites, but sometimes we need a little warmth, not that I go crazy with color :) Everyone knows I'm afraid of bright colors, who decided to take a beautiful orange , eat it then make a paint color out of it? I think orange should stay up in the sun, sky and on the orange peel lol Sorry to offend orange lovers, it just isnt right! Well, I know everyone has their own taste, Orange may make you happy when you wake up in the morning, I'm happy for you...really, should I mention the "red" apple color, ok I wont get started lol I meant this post to be about my new items , but I'm confused now! So here they are, pretty stuff to look was fun making it hope you enjoy the pics. Keep warm and snuggle up with your pets, hugs, Kimberly


  1. Hi usual I'm in awe at what I see here. The sweater is beautiful and I do love the color. I have to say I'm with you on the orane thing. Some colors should only be worn by When my sister got married her colors were yellow and orange. Can you just imagine how awful that was?
    I love the lace top, and what really caught my eye (and took my breath away) was that choker! Gorgeous! I love every piece here and when I went over to your etsy I loved every single thing listed. All I can say is...what a talent my friend.

  2. How does any one person get sooooo much talent? I am also in awe. YOu are wonderful. Thanks for brightening my day! What a smile.
    Hugs from Poland,

  3. Oh my, they are all so gorgeous....LOL, and I love your conversation about color!!

  4. So love your work. Not a pink fan but I am crazy about the dusty, time worn look of your first pink piece Sea Witch

  5. Your lovely creations always make be drool lol!

  6. Hi Kim...just popping over to say hi. Lovely pieces, as always! xoxo, Janet

  7. OH Kimberly, The lace, the white, the rosettes- your driving me into the wanting stage .... your pieces are heavenly. The chocker is really capturing my interest...

    I have to say though wearing oranges, yellows, reds if done right you may eat your words. HaHa I would have to show you for you to see for yourself... Even though I'm not into those colors as much I can make it work. Trust me on this one. Now with June mentioning her sister using those fruitful colors for her wedding kinda makes me scared... did you get that June? Actually I can't even imagine it!



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