Friday, July 24, 2009

Featuring our New Models!

I'm so exited to show you all a few photos from our first live photo shoot! I told you all a while back how I found Devan , I'm so glad I asked her, the photos came out so lovely, she and her sister Erin( I think thats how she spells it, if not sorry sweetie!) She too is so pretty and a natural in front of the camera, very urban outfitters. They are two beautiful Ladies! Our website offers the prettiest romantic clothing and then we have a romantic prairy girl look , I love it! The linen White top Devan is wearing is gorgeous with linen roses all on the shoulders. Wait till you see all the lovely items. It will take me all weekend to add to the website , I will be sure and post for you. The website will come to life with all the gorgeous photo's. Thanks again Girls see you soon, Hugs, Kimberly


  1. What lovely photos! Very pretty.

  2. Oh my Kimberly,
    I am going to love looking around your blog. It was already beautiful but add to it all the romantic clothing and I will be in heaven. I will also let my friends know about you. Will you be at Mt Dora in the fall?
    I will definately look you up.
    Love what I am seeing and I got here today all because of your tweet!

  3. Oh To have a fraction of your talent would be enough for me. These creations are amazing Kim.


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